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These pages serve as a collection of resources I find useful, and also as a personal journal where I jot down some notes on each resource. Originally these were just notes inside Microsoft OneNote. But the more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me that there was no reason to keep those notes private. This collection of resources is just me sharing resources I’m using, I hope you find something useful here.

Plot Structures

I really enjoy plot structures. I understand that they alone can’t make for a good story, but I feel that understanding these structures and patterns will make it easier for you to craft your own stories.

Maybe it is a bit of nostalgia. I studied in a film school and they drilled both the three act structure and the hero’s journey in us all. I really loved those classes. It was only when I moved to the UK, started to really think about changing to a writing career, and decided to study story craft more deeply, that I learned about all the other structures. It was like discovering a little treasure chest. There has always been stories that I enjoyed but couldn’t really place in the three act structure or the hero’s journey—with apologies to Joseph Campbell—that were finally unlocked when I learned about other structures such as the Fichtean Curve.

  • Dan Harmon’s Story Circle: The Dan Harmon Story Circle, or Plot Embryo, created by Dan Harmon, has quickly risen through the plot structure ranks to become one of the most popular plotting methods out there, rivalling similar structures like the hero’s journey.
  • The Hero’s Journey: The Hero’s Journey is one of the most recognizable plot structures of them all. Learn it before moving to more complex patterns.
  • Freitag’s Pyramid: Freitag’s Pyramid is geared towards tragedies. Great if you’re channeling your inner Shakespeare.
  • Three-Act Structure: The Three-Act structure is the most commonly found structure in Western literature. A good understanding of this structure is needed to fully appreciate its variations.

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