About me

Andre holding a nice cup of RUM

Andre holding a nice cup of RUM


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Developer of Stuff, Author of Typos and Books, Mother of Dragons.

Conference/Event version

Andre is a Mozilla TechSpeaker focused on decentralization technologies and is an active member of the Secure Scuttlebutt community. In the recent years he published books about Firefox OS and managed a Web Literacy program in vulnerable neighborhoods of Rio. He is a firm believer in empowerment through technological experimentation. His now lives in London with his wife, cats and more IoT boards than he can ever put into use.

Longer version

My name is Andre Alves Garzia and I am married to Elisangela Mendonça de Andrade Garzia whos the prettiest girl that ever lived. I’ve graduated from the film school at Fluminense Federal University at the Arts and Social Communications Institute. I was born in the beautiful city of Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro but now live in London.

My work is mostly related to HTML5 where I develop mobile apps and web apps . I also work with the joyful language known as LiveCode doing projects related to networks and databases. I have been a volunteer at Mozilla for the past few years and helped with Firefox, Firefox OS, MDN, MLN and TechSpeakers.

Since 2005, I am working with the fine folks from Kauai Aadheenam, they are technology-savvy monks committed to a Hinduism Renaissence, their books and networked resources are fantastic and I encourage everyone to discover those wonderful resources. I enjoy traveling, discovering new cultures (… and food!) and meeting new people. I like computer languages and alternative operating systems. I read more books then it is healthy and I am learning the pennywhistle… I also should sleep more.