Adventure X 2019

AdventureX 2019

Photo: Conference banner

Photo: Conference banner

This weekend is AdventureX 2019 at the British Library. It is a game development conference focused on narrative driven games like old adventure games from Sierra On-Line and LucasArts. Those have always been my favorite games ever and I didn’t realize people were still making games like those today. I knew and played some telltale games, the cave, and others which have reached my bubble but I couldn’t imagine the awesome games I’ve seen this weekend.

Adding IndieWeb support to this site.

Today I was at Redecentralize Conference and went to session about the IndieWeb movement that really excited me. I’ve been following the steps outlined in this handy interactive guide and making changes to this blog. Things are not yet the way I want them to be but it is already quite functional. I’ve added some markup for microformats2 and am accepting WebMentions by relying on I’ve also added so that my Twitter and Mastodon are integrated into this. To send webmentions from my static site, I’m relying on the command line tool from

Thanks a ton to Tantek and Kevin Marks for all the help.

Another windy and rainy day in London

Today is a gray and windy day here in London but that is to be expected as we’re approaching the end of the year. There are few things I like more than sitting on a coffee shop and watch the city walk by. I don’t to this as often as I did in Brazil but I had some minutes to wait and decided it was a good option to sit outside for a coffee.

photo of me sitting at an outside table drinking coffee

photo of me sitting at an outside table drinking coffee

Remembering Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 was a special event in my life. We had a wonderful vision of what the future could be. Unfortunately our vision was not a market success and Firefox OS was cancelled but for those brief years, mobile was special. Below are two videos from Mozilla in which I am featured as a community member talking about the future. I wish I was excited by mobile today as I was back then.

Nostalgia For Firefox OS

Some of my Firefox OS devices

Some of my Firefox OS devices

These are some of my Firefox OS devices, among them we have high-end devices (Sony Z3C), very low-end ones (Alcatel OneTouch Fire and LG FireWeb), some uncommon ones (such as Geeksphone Revolution, the only in the list powered by x86 CPU).

Doing sushi again

Twenty one years ago I went to a sushi making course at the Brazil-Japan Cultural Institute. I was learning to make sushi for an ulterior motive, there was good money to be made as a sushiman in Brazil and I wanted to open a little Sushi popup kiosk at a major nightclub in my city. Unfortunately, that plan never materialized as my partners in that kiosk moved on to do other stuff before we could actually open. Still, I grew fond of sushi and started freelancing a bit and doing it at parties for my friends. It became a part of how my friends perceived me. For a long time, my nickname among that group of friends was in fact sushi or andre sushi when they needed to be specific.

Enjoying a rainy day at Foyles

London woke up in a rainy mood today. This is her usual mood thus no one was impressed, except my wife who sees in the cold chilly wind and inclement fine rain, a signal of the end of Summer and the short sleeves luxury it afforded us tropical immigrants. Being a Brazilian I should hate this kind of weather but from a very young age I came to love rain and storms. After finishing my work, with the rain pouring outside, I fished in my mind for an excuse to go out.

LiveCode is a modern day HyperCard

This post is a reply to Why HyperCard had to Die — by Stanislav. I’m not saying the post is wrong, I am just presenting an alternative that is alive and working well. LiveCode is a modern day HyperCard and everyone who used HyperCard will feel at home at it.

LiveCode runs on macOS, Windows and Linux and can generate standalone binaries for all those platforms plus Android and iOS. You can get it from or you can get a GPL version of it from

In this post, I will recreate the demo that Stanislav created on their post which was a simple four operation calculator. I hope readers will notice how familiar the environment is and yet how modern it became.

Disclaimer: I work for LiveCode.

IPFS Camp 2019

Talk given at IPFS Camp

What if your web browser truly reflected your values - advocating for you, filtering for you, connecting you to others on your terms. What if your browser could be a full nodes in a distributed networks, or just connect directly to your friend’s computer without intermediaries?

While we’re waiting for mainstream browsers to catch up with our needs, we can experiment with building our own. What if you could build your own browser? What would it look like? What values would it have? What capabilities would it need to have?

We’ll show how browsers act as a value filter on our world, teach some approaches to making the browser truly be an agent that represents you_, and break into groups to start building our own _true user agents.

Talk given with Dietrich Ayala and Irakli Gozalishvili